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EGX 2022
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Head to the stars in Space War Battle Cadet Deluxe – where you’ll color match enemies and absorb bullets to charge up super attacks to destroy enemies in intergalactic battle! Equip 2 custom colors in the hangar, play 9 levels on 5 vastly different destinations in the galaxy map, unlock 4 devastating supers and collect 12 futuristic ships! Godspeed Cadet!


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Two Tailed Fox attended EGX London 2022 while taking part in the DARE Academy game competition. They won THE UNITY PRIZE awarded by UNITY themselves for Best Game Accessibility! Plenty of gamers, devs, and journalists came by to play and beat our showcase demo and take part in our own competition to get a high enough score to participate in our hat raffle! Below you can see group photos of our competitors with the winner sporting a fresh new SWBC DX hat! 

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Two Tailed Fox is lead by Avery Mullen and Jann Mjoen.  Passionate game devs with specialized skills, they strive to win and give fans an explosive, epic, honest arcade game.

Joining the duo for the base game are Scott Simpson and Piet Prager, two enthusiastic game devs contributing their own talents and skills, as well as Sarah Mullen, the Narrative Designer.

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Additional devs were recruited to work with us on our limited time event missions. They will be rolled into our upcoming DLC featuring these alongside additional content.

3D artists: Kine Dreier and Auryn Lynch

SFX designer for boss weapons: Barry Forrest

Thanks to play testers like John Venters and numerous others.

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