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The first patchnotes!

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Cadet, these are the first patch notes for Space War Battle Cadet DX! We have been hard at work making some smaller tweaks and changes to the game. We are actively looking to improve our game so if you encounter any issues with the game, let us know by emailing us or dm us on twitter!

As always, we will keep you posted on our twitter when any new changes or updates happen. We are planning a pretty huge update along with the game coming to the Apple AppStore soon, so stay tuned.

Version 1.0.1 Patch notes:

- Changed Cadet's bullet VFX

- Changed The Fixer's laser attack VFX

- Changed The Fixer's horizontal line attack VFX

- Added white as a playable color (to assist with Monochromacy)

- Tweaked difficulty in missions 7 and 8

- Added buttons to the color wheels, now cadets can change their colors by tapping the arrows next to the color wheels

Bug fixes:

- General performance and stability improvements

- Fixed an issue where the game would crash after the ship starts shooting in the tutorial

- Fixed an issue where text would be unreadable across most of the game

- Fixed an issue where the mission 7 and 8 boss charge up SFX would loop forever if the player died while the boss is charging up the Hyper Dash attack

- Fixed an issue where the mission 2 boss' horizontal line attack would crash the game

- Fixed an issue that caused the mission 2 boss' horizontal line attack to not be destroyed between mission retries. This would mean that the Cadet would encounter these projectiles in the city after a retry

- Fixed an issue where the Cadet's supers would not layer correctly over boss enemies

- Fixed an issue where the Cadet's colors would no longer be saved if the Cadet changed their name

- Fixed an issue where the dodging section entry animation would run in slow motion if the Cadet lifted their finger at the start of the animation.

Known issues:

- We are working towards improving performance and stability across all missions and across as many devices as possible

- We are investigating some graphical issues caused by phone crashes; We do not recommend playing the game on lower spec devices

- We are investigating graphical errors where bullets and explosions look stretched on certain devices

- We are investigating stability issues where the game may randomly crash.


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