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The Title Screen update!

Hello Cadet, here is another quick patch for Space War Battle Cadet DX! This is a smaller patch as we have been quite busy working towards releasing the game on IOS. Follow us on Twitter @TwoTailedDevs to stay up to date for when SWBC DX will be released on IOS!

Version 1.0.2 patch notes:

- Added a dynamic title screen (it always displays your equipped ship, chosen colors, last planet visited, and plays that level OST!)

- Updated color select screen for first time users

- Removed nickname screen from the start of the game (Cadet name can still be changed in the Hangar by tapping on the Hangar sign)

- Added new sound effects to buttons in the Galaxy map

- General performance and stability improvements

Bug fixes:

- Fixed an issue where the cadet could pause the game before the ship is on the screen in every space mission. Exiting the level at this point would break the music in the Hangar.

- Fixed an issue where the cadet would be able to press the pause button in the flying & dodging section even when the button is not visible.

- Fixed an issue where the cadet would be able to pause the game after defeating the boss on any level, this would cause the end animation and mission complete screen to run at 0.2x speed.

Known issues:

- We are working towards improving performance and stability across all missions. Across as many devices as possible.

- We are investigating some graphical issues caused by phone crashes, so we do not recommend playing the game on lower spec devices.

- We are investigating graphical errors where bullets and explosions look stretched on certain devices.

Cadet, we hope to keep improving the game, making it better and better with more awesome planets, supers, ships, and badass music. Thanks for reading! More awaits beyond the stars...


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