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Spooktober Special Event!

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Cadets, Two Tailed Devs here to bring you another patch update. This week in Space War, our Spooktober special event goes live on Monday, October 24th! If your app isn't updated by that time already, just go to the store page and click update. This event is free for all players, and there's even a limited time reward! Complete all the mission objectives to collect candy, and once you've collected all the candy, you can unlock a new Spooktober ship! Hurry though, this is a limited time event, so you have from now until November 26 to collect candy and unlock your reward! We hope you enjoy this fun seasonal event and be on the lookout for more content! Without further ado, here's the 1.1 Update Patchnotes:

Version 1.1 patch notes:

- Added Spooktober 2022 limited time event running from October 24th at 09:00 UTC until November 26th at 23:59 UTC.

The event includes the following:

- 1 new special event mission

- 1 new ship for cadets to unlock

- Spooktober decorations in the Hangar

- Spooktober music in the Hangar

- Spooktober music in the special event mission

- Changed the planet layout in the Galaxy Map to accommodate for event missions.

- Made the text in the mission select, pause menu, and mission complete menu nicer to look at.

Bug fixes:

- Removed all missile ships from mission 5, 7, and 8. These ships were causing a lot of lag (These ships will be added back into the game once their performance issues has been resolved)

- Fixed a bug where player bullets would appear under the asteroid at the start of mission 5.


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