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The Performance Update

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Hey Cadet, we are back with another patch for Space War Battle Cadet DX! “Patch 1.1.1 The Performance Update” brings a lot of changes related to the performance of the game. The game can now run smoothly across a plethora of devices. We have tested the game on a low spec device “Samsung Galaxy A41” and have achieved a stable 30-40 FPS (On low graphics settings). On mid-range devices you can expect a stable 60 FPS on low graphics settings. On higher end devices you can reach up to 80-90 FPS on low graphics settings.

1.1.1 Patch notes:

- Increased bullet absorb hitbox size, it is now the same size as the player shield

- The super button will no longer appear if the cadet does not have their super weapon charged.

Performance and stability:

- Reduced graphical fidelity across all graphics settings

- Reduced render resolution to 0.6x for “Low” Graphics settings

- Lowered render resolution to 0.8x for “Medium” Graphics settings

- Reduced shadows from “Low” and “Medium” Graphics settings

- Reduced texture resolution to 128x128 for “Low” Graphics settings

- Reduced texture resolution to 256x256 for “Medium” Graphics settings


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